Castle Carrock . . . a beautiful Cumbrian village in the North Pennines

Castle Carrock Village

Castle Carrock Please DanceCastle Carrrock is a village which is alive and very well. It nestles in the corner of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and come snow in the winter or sun in the summer, people living here feel pretty lucky to have such a beautiful location in which to work, rest and play.

A range of people call this their home. People who have moved here to retire, people whose children have fled the nest, young families, people on their own, off comers and natives. Almost everyone who lives here, lives here all the time.

The Duke of Cumberland on Diamond Jubilee Day

The Duke of Cumberland

The Duke of Cumberland pub was reopened by the Brown family at the end of 2009, much to the joy of villagers. Since the start of 2017, it’s been run by Julie Harrison and her daughter Sophie. There, you can find good local beers, good pub food, a blazing coal fire in the winter and a great place to hang out in front of the village green on a summer’s day.

The school is in rude health. Well over eighty children attend every day, the vast majority coming in from surrounding villages and farms. Some come from “outside catchment”, a sign that people think it’s a good school. A brand new nursery play area was added in 2010.

St Peter's Church

St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church was built in 1828, and was restored in 1888. Regular services are held there every Sunday. The Restoration Committee is currently working out ways to keep it going structurally for the future.

The Watson Institute was opened at the end of the nineteenth century and has recently been reroofed and insulated. All sorts of things happen here, from children’s parties to concerts to celebrations. It’s a special building with a mock turret on one corner.

Castle Carrock Reservoir

Castle Carrock Reservoir

The village is also home to a large reservoir which was opened in 1909 as a way of supplying a freshwater supply to Carlisle. It’s now run by United Utilities. It takes about half an hour to walk around, and you’re bound to enjoy the wildlife you see as you walk there. Well worth a visit.

You might even see a red squirrel if you’re lucky.

Welcome to our village. If you’re just visiting we think you’ll like it.