Castle Carrock . . . a beautiful Cumbrian village in the North Pennines

Duke of Cumberland Leek Club

The Leek Club restarted in the Duke of Cumberland in the autumn of 2011 and meets on the first Thursday of the month.

There are just over 20 members of all ages, men and women (not many clubs have female members!), with some members being experienced growers of show leeks and some, first timers. Everyone’s keen to get the best from their growing efforts, though, so hints and tips are passed on from those in the know to the novice.

The annual show is held in September on the same day as the Village Show. Every member has the opportunity to enter one pair of leeks.

The Club’s not just for the competitive growers. It also brings a social aspect to Castle Carrock. Events are held for everyone to enjoy, including race nights and a rounders competition in the summer.

So if you don’t yet know your Lancelot from your Titan, your Splendid from your Giant Musselburgh, come along to the Show to be impressed – you might catch the bug for next year.

Duke of Cumberland Leek Club 2012 Photos