Castle Carrock . . . a beautiful Cumbrian village in the North Pennines

Castle Carrock WI c. 1960

Castle Carrock WI 1960

Back Row L to R

1. Mrs Lewis – caravan (where Jobby’s barn is)

2. Mrs Murray, Roughet Hill

3. Mary Robinson, Long Dyke Cottage (married Arnold Thompson, Farlam)

4. Lilyas Dickenson. Garth House Farm (married Jim Hogg lived Rectory Road No?)

5. Ann Ivinson, 12 Rectory Road

6. Joyce Waugh, Albyfield ( married Harry Hodge)

7.Noreen Tailford, Turberry

8. Mrs Blamire, Greenwell ?

2nd Row

1.Janie Taylor, Albyfield

2. Ella Thwaites , James Cottage

3. Elsie Armstrong. Briar Cottage

4. Mrs Bewick. Waterworks House

5. Mrs Wannop. Garth Head

6. Sal Bertram, The Heights

7. Maud Bewick. Waterworks House

8. Mrs Robinson, Gelt Hall Farm

3Rd Row

1. Doreen Johnstone (nee Watson) Town Foot Farm

2. Annie Hodgson, Weary Cottage then Julia Cottage

3. Florrie Robinson, Long Dyke (moved to Croglin High Hall)

4.Mollie Waugh, Albyfield

5. Eidith Dryden,5 The Glebe or Mrs Thwaites, Gelt Hall Farm

6. ?

7.Margaret Foster. Brackenthwaite

8. Sybel Martin, Long Dyke Farm

9. Annie Grennop (nee Brannan), Lancaster Cottage.

Front Row

1. Sarah Maughn, Black Dubb.

2. “Happy” Maggie Murray. The How

3. Mrs Blamire, Greenwell ?

4 Mrs May Smedley. Tyne House

5. Joan Moore. Garth Foot Farm

6. Mrs Maughan, Black Dubb

7. ?

8. Mrs Hogg Weary Sportsman