Castle Carrock . . . a beautiful Cumbrian village in the North Pennines

Please Dance

Castle Carrock Please Dance

The Please Dance Sign Coming into Castle Carrock

Do you ever look at place name road signs properly, really properly, when you enter a new town or village?

If you do, you’ll be familiar with the usual sign saying “Please Drive Carefully” or if you’re unlucky, and vandals have been at the sign, it’s maybe more likely to say “Please Die Carefully”.

However in Castle Carrock, we’re a bit more creative and friendly to travellers.

We say simply “Please Dance”.

This website received an email shortly after the new, choreography leaning signs “appeared”, from a woman who was travelling through Castle Carrock. She had been having a horrible, tiring journey due to an accident that had happened shutting the main road. Consequently she was on the diversion though Castle Carrock. However when she saw the sign, she said it made her feel so much better and she wanted to know more.

The timing of the modification of the signs mysteriously seemed to coincided with the increasingly popular local music festival, Music on the Marr. No-one, except the person(s) responsible, knows who made the signs more cheery, and who it was that caused so much talk about them inside and out of the village.

In 2012, Music on the Marr’s official t-shirt had the “Please Dance” sign emblazoned across the chest. It’s regarded as one of the best festival t-shirts so far And just goes to show how much many of the locals have embraced the order to undulate and boogie as they enter their village.

So next time you’re visiting our village, you know what to do – PLEASE DANCE!