Castle Carrock . . . a beautiful Cumbrian village in the North Pennines

Safari Suppers

Safari Supper

Safari Supper

Safari Suppers have been held in Castle Carrock for many years now. The concept is simple. Get a few dozen people organised to move around the village, eating their way through the evening by visiting different people’s homes for different courses. Some poor soul has to work out who goes where and when. You only find out the next destination of your “safari” at the end of each course (you discover which course you’re hosting a bit earlier than that). With a bit of luck, it goes wrong and someone – or some people – get lost along the way.

A great opportunity to nose around other people’s houses, be forced into doing a bit of cleaning and sprucing up around the dining room, kitchen and bathroom, and to compare and contrast the myriad of remarkable culinary skills which lie lurking in the village and surrounding environs. It’s a great, fun evening – lots of different courses in lots of different venues. Dining tables of all shapes and sizes welcome.

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