Where Did 'Please Dance' Come From?

When you enter a town or village, do you every look at the road sign? If you do you’ll be familiar with the usual sign saying “Please Drive Carefully” or if you’re unlucky, “Please Die Carefully”. In Castle Carrock, we’re a bit more creative and friendly to travellers. We say simply 'Please Dance'.

A woman, traveling through Castle Carrock contacted use shortly after the new sign appeared. After being upset about a road closure, she was diverted via the village - upon seeing the signs she felt much happier and wanted to know what they meant.

The timing of the modificated signs mysteriously coincide with the local music festival: Music on the Marr. Althogh people have their susspicions, no one really knows who made the vandalised signs so bright and friendly. Whoever it was is due a congratulations - after all it is now the talk of the village!

In 2012, the offical t-shit to Music on the Marr had the sign emblazoned across the chest. Many of the locals agree that this was the best t-shirt the festival has had - this just goes to show how much the locals have embraced the sign.