Watson Institute Fundraising

Watson Institute Fundraising

An update  -  December 2018 - "Fix the Hall"

***Thanks to everyone who filled out a survey - we got 114 back which is a phenominal response ! We're sifting through all of the replies now and will bring you an update in the new year of plans.***

The Watson Institute is a beautiful – and old – building. 121 years to be precise. It serves as our invaluable village hall – and much more besides. It’s a unique landmark in the area and its ‘Castle’ design is synonymous with Castle Carrock.  It's used by almost everyone in our community at some time or other – for weekly classes to village events to private parties to Christmas festivities to elections to parish council meetings to concerts, plays and talks. 

But it has some structural issues we need to tackle on behalf of our community. We need to invest in some specific stabilization work so that it can carry on being enjoyed by our community now and for generations to come.

Following ongoing surveys and exploratory analysis, we are planning to begin work in late summer 2019, which will give us time to apply for grants and undertake a number of fundraising activities.

We need you to be part of this cause. This is a call to action for the village and local community to come together and support raising some of the money – we estimate we need you to help raise at least £10,000. We think the final cost of the project will be in excess of £50,000.

We’ll tell you about planned fundraising events as they come about, and about ways you can contribute shortly.

You can read an article in The Cumberland News about the project here