Castle Carrock . . . a beautiful Cumbrian village in the North Pennines

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Where is Castle Carrock and how can I get to it?

This is where Castle Carrock is

Castle Carrock is set in the western edge of the North Pennines in Cumbria. The B6413 road, which runs between Brampton and Lazonby, goes through the middle of the village. The nearest city is Carlisle, which is about 10 miles away to the west, and the nearest town is Brampton, which is about 4 miles away to the  north.

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Getting to Castle Carrock


Travel to Castle Carrock By CarBeing set close to the M6 and the A69 it’s easy to get to the village from many places including Scotland, the North East and the North West.

Follow directions to get to Carlisle, then follow directions to get to Brampton. Once at Brampton, you’ll pick up signs for Castle Carrock. If your traveling from the North East you’ll get to Brampton before Carlisle, so turn left at Brampton and follow the signs to Castle Carrock.

To get specific directions use the AA Route Planner.


Get to Castle Carrock by BusThere is no daily regular bus service to Castle Carrock. If you wish to get here by bus you will need to get the bus to Brampton (which from Carlisle or Newcastle is the 685) then get a taxi from there.


Travel to Castle Carrock By TrainYou can get most of the way to Castle Carrock by train after which you will require a taxi to take you the remainder of the way. Brampton is the nearest train station, which is less than 3 miles away and which sits on the Carlisle – Newcastle line. Carlisle is the main train station for the area; the West Coast Main Line runs through it (as well as others) and is about 10 miles away. There is a regular service to and from London which takes less than 3 1/2 hours.


Travel to Castle Carrock by AeroplaneThe nearest airports to Castle Carrock are at Newcastle and Manchester. From Newcastle you can get the Metro train service to Newcastle Central Station, then get a train to Brampton. From Manchester you can get a train directly to Carlisle and then Brampton. Please bear in mind that once off the train you will still require a taxi to take you to Castle Carrock.