St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church


There have been many churches on the present site of St Peter’s Church in Castle Carrock but the present one dates back to 1828 and restored in 1888 stands on the site of an earlier church on the mediaeval site.

Registers start in 1679 and the church and churchyard record much of the story of the outstanding families of Castle Carrock and the surrounding communities. One of the interesting features within the church is the grave-slab of John de Begho Kirk, a Rector who died in 1346. Today, St Peters Church is part of the Eden, Gelt and Irthing Team Ministry which was established in 2002.

The church is open during daylight hours seven days a week in the summer and at weekends only in the winter


1st Sunday: 9.30am Holy Communion
4th Sunday: 4.00pm Village service

Please refer to the Parish News or notices in the Church  for a full list of services

The Need for Restoration

The church of St Peter, Castle Carrock is a Listed Grade II Building. A Diocesan inspection has highlighted the deteriorating condition of the fabric of the church, caused by penetration of water which is made worse by the lack of efficient heating and ventilation.

Since 2015, work has been carried out to improve the drains, and ensure that rainwater is taken away from the building.  Inside the church, this is starting to have a positive effect on the damp and condensation problems. But the timbers under the floor are rotting, and that means the pews are uneven and in a poor state.  Addressing these problems is the next challenge for St Peter’s Restoration Group, but we hope to see some progress in 2017.

The restoration offers the opportunity not only to repair this much loved church, but also to make it a building fit for 21st century communities.  All the money used for the restoration have been donated at regular fund-raising events in the village, including the annual running of the Magnificent Tea Emporium at Music on the Marr, for which the church is very grateful. This has so far amounted to many thousands of pounds.


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